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Thanks for purchasing the BlogShop WordPress Theme. if you have not bought it. Click Here to Buy this documentation some options may not work for free users.

How to install WordPress

To get this theme you must have WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the instructions in WordPress Codex or you can watch the Instruction Video created by Theimran. or you may hire our expert only for 50$ to do it for you.
Below are some useful links on WordPress information:

After complete setup WordPress logging to your WordPress Admin area. and follow below instruction.

Table Of Content

To install theme Go To Dashboard > Appearance > themes > Add new

1. Install Free Theme

To install Free theme just click on the search box. and type “BlogShop” follow below Screenshot

Install Blogshop free theme
2. Install Pro Theme

To install the BlogShop Pro theme login to your account. and download the theme blogshoppro.zip file. and follow the below screenshot.

Install BlogShop Pro theme

Install Required Plugins

After the active BlogShop theme, you will get a notification to install and active all required plugin. Click on the Begin installing plugins link. it will take you to the plugin install page. just install and active all plugins.

Theme Options

BlogShop WordPress theme has lots of options to customize your site look. to check all options go to the.

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > BlogShop Settings

Bellow, I explained how each option works according to the number.

BlogShop Customizer

1. Topbar Section

Here you can enable and disable Topbar section. Note: Topbar section not available in every header layout.

2. Header Layout

Here you can change the header layout. 4 Responsive Header layout is available.

3. Sticky Header

To enable and disable the sticky menu.

4. Social Links

To show social links just type your social link. and just keep empty if you do not like to show social icon.

5. Featured Section

here you can full control featured section. if you do not understand anything just leave me a message.

6. Sub Featured Section

here you can full control sub featured section. if you do not understand anything just leave me a message.

7. Footer NewsLetter

Here you can type newsletter title and past subscribe form shortcode.

8. Footer Column

Here you can change the footer column layout.

9. Preloader

Here you can on/off preloader and upload preloader image.

10. Blog Settings

Here you can control all blog settings.

11. Front Page

Here you can control all front-page settings.

12. Typography

Here you can control your website typography.

How to create a gallery post type

This method you can apply for each post formate. follow me step by step.

First, make sure you are using blogshop pro version. cause, these options only available in the pro theme.

Go Dashboard > Posts > Add New button and type your post title and choose post formate gallery and then publish it after that refresh the editor page.

Post Formate

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