Construction Company WordPress Theme Construc Documentation.

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Last Update: 04-01-2020
Version: 1.3.1

Table Of Content:

How to install WordPress

To get this theme you must have WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the instructions in WordPress Codex or you can watch the Instruction Video created by Theimran. Below are some useful links on WordPress information:

Install & Activate Construc Theme

Construct Theme Free & Pro Both version is available. if you would like to use free version. then download theme from below button.

If you are a premium user then login to your my-account page by clicking below button. and download it.

After download keep it in your desktop. and follow bellow instruction.

To install theme login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to appearance>themes>Add New > and Press Upload Theme Button and then upload your downloaded file.

Construction Company WordPress Theme

When installation is complete activate the theme.

if your server file upload size is limited. follow below instruction

  • Log into your hosting space via an FTP software
  • Unzip the file
  • Upload the extracted construcpro folder into wp-content >themes folder
  • To activate the theme: Go to Appearance > themes select construcpro or construc and activate it.

Install and Active Required Plugin

Once you activated construcpro theme then You will get a notification for required plugins.

  • Click on “Begin installing plugins” to install required plugins.
  • Select All Required Plugin to Install and Active
  • Note: The marked plugin of below screenshot are only available for pro user.
Construction company wordpress theme construc

Import demo Content With Video

Make sure you already did the following task. 

  1. Theme Installed
  2. All required Plugin Installed and Activated

when you sure that you did the above task then Now you are ready to import demo content. 

Go to appearance > import demo data and press import button.

Wait a few minutes to get a successful message. 

Congratulations now your demo site is ready. 

Theme install and demo content import entire process i have shown in this video.

Construc Theme Options

Construc theme all options built-in with WordPress default theme customizer. So, it’s very easy to understand. 

Go to Appearance>customize 

Here you will see all available theme options.

How to change site base color?

Go to Appearance>Customize >Color 

from the primary color, settings choose your designer color. 

How to change site Header Image?

To change site Header Image

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Image and upload 

How to set Different page for front and Blog page.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and Choose and Static Page 

How to Customize Theme Top bar Section?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Construc Settings > Topbar Settings

How to change the Header Layout?

Go to Appearance > Customize > Header Layout and choose your desired header. 

How To Create Header Slider And Insert into a page?

Go WP Dashboard > Home Sliders Page and click on Add New Slider button.  

And follow the screenshot. below the screenshot, I have explained everything according to the screenshot number.

  1. Title — Type Slider Title Here. example:: Home Page SLider
  2. Featured Image — Here you can upload a photo to be used in the slider.
  3. Title — Insert title text for your slider.
  4. Description — This fields where you can enter your slider Description.
  5. Button Text — Type Button Text
  6. Button Link – Type Button-Link
  7. Button Style – Choose Button Style
  8. More Slider Item – Click Add Row To add More Slider Item
  9. Slider Alignment — Change Slider Alignment by default it’s left aligned.
  10. Publish — Click on publish button
How to insert this slider on the custom page.

I have built a kingComposer Element Name (Hero Slider) Just insert it. 

How to build A Page With KingComposer

How to build a page with kingcomposer
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